(Video) Jesse Watters Brilliantly Troll Professor Who Believes Eating Meat Is “Toxic Masculinity”

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Fox’s Jesse Watters invited a professor with a PH.D. on his show who wrote a paper claiming that eating meat is ‘toxic masculinity.’ Apparently eating meat means you hate women. When Watters asked why, she gave very vague responses.

According to DeLessio-Parson eating meat is “one of the ways… to reinforce existing social structures, including patriarchy.” However, she also claimed she didn’t have enough time to explain it further. That’s when Watters’ producer walked onto the set a gave him a big, delicious looking steak, which he then proceeded to eat in front of DeLessio-Parson.

“So, I’m having a steak right now because I’m starving,” said Watters. DeLessio-Parson went on to explain that it is only okay to eat an animal if you killed it yourself. Otherwise “you just enjoy the benefits and the blood is on someone else’s hands.”

“And that’s not very fair. It would be great if we had universal health care for our animals,” she said.

“You clearly have some things around who you are that protect you, and I think especially, like financial resources to do things like buy really expensive steaks so that’s also part of the problem. That some people are really taking up more than their fair share,” she said.

Check out the video below:

Is this professor an idiot?