(Video) Liberal Meryl Streep Just Bragged Her New Movie, It Will Force Trump To Be *MORE RESPECTFUL*

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Liberal Hollywood actors, who at times play people who matter in TV and films, often suffer under the delusion that they themselves matter. Instead of just sticking to what they (or, at least, some of them) are good at, they think that because they constantly have cameras pointing at them they have the right to run their mouths about politics.

In a notorious example of this from earlier this year, acclaimed actress Meryl Streep used her time on stage at the Golden Globe Awards not to thank all the people who have helped her, but instead to criticize Republican Donald Trump.

Streep caught no shortage of flak from this, but it seems like she did not learn her lesson. She recently acted in a new movie called The Post about the liberal Washington Post and its coverage of Richard Nixon. The movie clearly tries to draw parallels with the current Trump administration.

In promoting the movie, Meryl claimed that President Trump should watch her movie, because she says it would lead him to be more “respectful” to people who do not agree with him. She claimed, dubiously, “I actually think he may really like The Post, weirdly, because it is a great movie, a patriotic movie.”

When asked what effect the movie would have on Donald, Streep arrogantly said that it would transform him into a better person. Commented the actress, “What effect do I hope it will have on him? Well, he would stop the shenanigans and give some respect for people who are operating on their principles and not on their appetite.”

Watch the trailer below:

Do you think Meryl needs to grow up and have some respect for our president?