Sally Kohn Says We Must “Vet” Men For “Toxic Masculinity”, Changes Tune When Bill Clinton Is Mentioned (Video)

CNN’s Sally Kohn recently wrote an article on how we need to do a better job of stopping ‘toxic masculinity’ from getting power. The article was clearly directed at Donald Trump. However, she had a completely different attitude when it came to the women that Bill Clinton allegedly raped.

“We must together open our eyes. Donald Trump called for the expansion of ‘extreme vetting’ for people entering the United States. Why aren’t we ‘extreme vetting’ men who are here? Why aren’t we talking about toxic masculinity?”

“Why aren’t we, as a society, seriously scrutinizing men and masculinity — and how the way we raise our children, treat our workers and form our policies perpetuates behavior we say we don’t want. The answer, of course, is also the problem. It is because men wield disproportionate power and privilege that we have failed to question this reality — and improve upon it — in any serious way,” she wrote.

During a CNN interview former Trump campaign advisor Jack Kingston brought up the women that Bill Clinton has assaulted. “Jack, the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is Bill Clinton was impeached. So we aired that one as a public. And also, he’s not currently the President,” said Kohn.

“He was impeached for perjury,” responded Kingston. Kohn suddenly lost her cool. “Listen this is fine. I’m fine watching this Roy Moore thing go down. Because with condolences to the poor statesman of course, the women who he has abused and made suffer–we are watching the destruction of the Republican Party before our very eyes. They are doing themselves systemic damage for generations. And I’m going to be honest, I’m here for it,” she yelled.

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Bill Maher Claims Republicans Use Jesus To Have Sex With Children In Over The Top Vulgar Rant (Video)

Maher launched a very disgusting attack against Republicans, Catholics and Jesus in a horrible monologue.
“Welcome to another edition of: Who pulled their d*ck out this week? It’s so ironic that Trump is in China, because here in America, this is clearly the Year of the Dog,” started Maher.

“Top Republicans are now speaking out—against the women. No, really. Sean Hannity had to apologize for saying it was ‘consensual,’ and then had to explain to the other guys at Fox News what ‘consensual’ means,” lied Maher. Tapper attacked Hannity for an out of context quote and then apologized. That’s what really happened.

“Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter and they became parents of Jesus. I mean, using Jesus to justify child molestation? Even the Catholics went: Tried it, doesn’t work. It’s been a while since I’ve been to catechism but to my recollection, slight difference: Joseph and Mary didn’t f–k. Isn’t that the whole point of that story?!” said Maher.

He then said that although their are sexual harassers on both sides, he said that liberals are better at handling them. “No liberal defended Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, who might be going to jail. Anthony Weiner is in jail. Louis C.K., we hear this week, did horrific things. Compare that to Trump and Roy Moore. We arrest our alleged rapists—they elect them. I mean, there’s a pig in the White House,” said Maher.

Maher, of course, is conveniently ignoring his party’s treatment of Bill Clinton.

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Should his show be taken off the air?