“It’s Very Brave,” Joy Behar Praises Carrie Underwood For Insulting Trump, Meghan McCain Crushes Her (Video)

‘View’ hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin praised Carrie Underwood insulting President Trump. You know, the thing that ‘The View’ and the media does every single day? According to them, the attack was very ‘brave.’

“No, it’s very brave, I think. It’s great,” said Behar. “It’s really brave,” responded Hostin. “I remember in 2003 when the Dixie Chicks said I’m ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas. They got a lot of flack for that and they were blacklisted. We talked about it at the table,” Hostin continued.

However Meghan McCain slammed them. “Music is a refuge for conservatives. You can’t get any celebrity endorsements for Republicans. You can always rely on country singers to come out and give a good show. Taylor swift got a lot of heat for not getting involved in the last election,” said McCain.

“There’s no way to win. If you’re too political, you’re too supportive of Trump, people blacklist you. If you don’t say anything, people blacklist you,” she said.

Behar later suggested that “all good people” must speak out against Trump. “I think in these times we are living in, which are serious, difficult, and dangerous, because of the person in the White House, I think it’s incumbent on all good people to speak out if they can,” said Behar.

Check out the video below:

BREAKING: Sean Hannity Just Announced Somebody Huge Is Joining Fox News

Fox News experienced a period of considerable turmoil as Fox News executives had to adjust to the reality that outsider Republican Donald Trump actually became our President.

It is well-known that many decision makers at the network and its parent company 21st Century Fox did not favor Trump, and had wanted Hillary Clinton to win. In addition, many staffers at Fox News were not positively inclined toward Trump.

However, the network has just clearly shown that it has moved past all that and fully embraced the Trump presidency and his agenda with its latest big hire. According to an announcement longtime host Sean Hannity, President Trump’s former White House advisor Dr. Sebastain Gorka, PhD will become a permanent addition to Fox News’ on air team.

Commented Hannity on his radio show about Gorka, who is an expert on radical Islamic terorism, “I can officially announce today he is a Fox News national security strategist… Welcome to the Fox family. You’re a true patriot hero and an amazing, amazing political analyst and strategic analyst. Thank you for being with us and we’re so happy for your success.”

Gorka replied by praising Sean as “a great supporter not only of myself, but of the administration and the President.” Sebastian also wrote on Twitter, “Thank you @FoxNews for incredible present on the 1st Birthday!” He added, “Proud to be back with all my antiFAKENEWS Friends.”

Are you glad that Gorka is now an official member of the Fox News team?