Lib Reporter Won’t Stop Asking About ‘Slavery’, Sarah Sanders Teaches Her A Harsh Lesson

The liberal American mainstream media was deeply biased against Donald Trump since well before the election, and their marked contempt for Trump has extended into nearly a full year of his presidency so far.

A number of reporters in the White House press pool have proved to be thorns in the side of President Trump’s press press personnel, including CNN’s Jim Acosta and the New York Times‘s Glenn Thrush. However, the single biggest source of annoyance just might be reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks.

April always takes every opportunity to inject race into every press briefing, and she was at it again when she responded to Chief of Staff John Kelly’s “compromise” statement about the Civil War by asking Sarah Sanders, “What is the definition of compromise as it relates to slavery and the Civil War?”

 Secretary Sanders first merely swatted April away, saying, “I think I’ve addressed the concerns that a lot of people had and the questions that you had. And I’m not going to relitigate history here.” April wouldn’t let go, and said, “I had a question still lingering when you left. And I’m going to ask the question again.” Sarah fired back, “Why don’t you ask it in a way that apparently you are accusing me of being?”

April then asked, “I’m not accusing. I’m asking the question, seriously, Sarah … Does this administration believe, does this president believe slavery was wrong?” She then added, “And before you answer, Mary Frances Berry, historian, said in 1860 there was a compromise. The compromise was to have Southern states keep slavery but the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter that caused the Civil War.” Sanders would have none of this, however, and destroyed her by responding, “I think it is disgusting and absurd to suggest that anyone inside of this building would support slavery.” Are you glad Secretary Sanders stood up to this reporter’s attempted bullying?

Just Look At Wolf Blitzer’s Face As Analyst Talks About How Much Trump Helped The Economy

CNN rarely says anything kind about Trump. While the economy has been soaring they focus on ways to call him a ‘racist’ or misspellings on twitter. However, one CNN business correspondent Richard Quest went rogue and complimented Trump on the economy. And you have to see the look on Wolf Blitzers face when he did it.

They started by discussing the jobs report that revealed that the unemployment rate is the lowest percentage that it’s been in over 17 years. “Is this the Trump effect?” asked Wolf Blitzer.

“In a word, yes. You’ve got to give Donald Trump and the administration credit because they’ve created an element of confidence that built on the work that President Obama left behind, and that is all about the tax reform package, deregulation, the policies he is putting in place and promises to put in place,” said Quest.

Then come the stingers. “It would be mealy-mouthed of anyone to deny a definite effect… You can give credit to Donald Trump for so much so far… it’s on the back of many of the policies,” said Quest.

 Are you shocked that CNN would actually give President Trump credit for something.