Meghan McCain Crushes Joy Behar And Whoopi Goldberg’s Dreams For Celebrating About Manafort Indictment

The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sarah Haines and Sunny Hostin all celebrated President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort being indicted. They acted as if President Trump himself was indicted. However, newest co-host Meghan McCain completely shut them down.

“You know what’s also a fact is that it came out last week that the DNC and Hillary Clinton has ties through this Fusion GPS oppo research group and they also paid money to get this Russian dossier,” said McCain. The humor and levity surrounding it on both sides-” she continued before being interrupted.

“No, no, no, let’s not talk about ‘both sides,’ Hillary Clinton is not the president and Hillary Clinton wasn’t just indicted!” screamed Hostin. McCain repsonded by saying she was “trying to give you guys insight because I actually know a lot about Paul Manafort.”

“We don’t need insight into Hillary Clinton!” screamed Hostin. “OK, you don’t need any insight from me,” joked McCain. McCain then pointed out liberal’s hypocrisy on Russia. “President Obama told Mitt Romney that it was a 1980s foreign policy in the 2012 debate,” started McCain.

“President Obama wasn’t indicted today!” screamed Hostin. “The Democrats didn’t take this seriously!” said McCain. “It’s intellectually dishonest to say that the Democrats always cared about Russia. President Obama did not take it seriously,” said McCain.

Ingraham Crushes Liberals Who Think The Manafort Indictment Will Hurt Trump, It’s Epic (Video)

Ever since President Trump’s former campaign manager Manafort was indicted, liberals have been acting lie they just took down President Trump. However, as Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham reveals, this is a “nothing-burger”.

“The idea that this is a bad day for Trump because it in any way alludes to a collusion with Russia — you’ve got to be living on another planet if you think that. That’s just not what this is about,” explained Ingraham.

“And maybe it’s an attempt as Saul Weisenberg said earlier on the show, who is a deputy counsel for Ken Starr during the Whitewater-Lewinsky investigation. He said this is a classic attempt to twist Manafort, put the big squeeze on him and Gates, try to get them to give something up on Trump,” she said.

“They don’t have anything on Trump. If they had something on Trump, that would be the indictment today. They would have something on Kushner or any of these other characters, but they don’t. So they go for Manafort and Gates,” she explained.

“So we’ll see. I mean, we don’t know anything more than we see in these 31 pages, but as far as a smoking gun that in any way casts aspersions on Donald Trump — it’s a nothing-burger. And I hate that word, nothingburger, but if vis-à-vis Trump — look, I’m not saying Donald Trump wants Paul Manafort to get indicted or this is good for Trump, it’s not good for Trump, but it’s a nothing. You know what is something? The fact that Donald Trump and the Republicans are about to accomplish something big vis-à-vis tax reform,” she said.

Do you think she’s right? Check out the video below:

“Fetish Patriotism” Bill Maher Mocks People Who Respect The Police And National Anthem (Video)

Bill Maher went on a huge rant against people who support our police and our national anthem. He called it ‘fetish patriotism.’ He also called Fox News the ‘Axis of Evil.’

“Someone must tell me why the people who wrap themselves in the flag are always the ones most clueless about what it represents. Like the way Trump turned a respectful protest about police brutality into a patriotism pissing match. The nerve of these young black men kneeling while an ‘American Idol’ runner-up sings the ‘bombs bursting in air’ song,” said Maher.

“How dare you exercise your freedoms while we’re honoring them? We will not stand for not standing. Trump literally said that soldiers have died and we need to stand because ‘They were fighting for our national anthem.’ Oh for f*ck’s sake, no one ever died for the anthem,” he said.

“But I thought this was America. This impulse to tell people not to protest against the police, not to question the generals, this is not American. And that is the problem with all the fetish patriotism. It starts with goosebumps, but it ends with goose steps,” he said. Or maybe those people just understand what the flag represents and how police put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

And here is his stupid opinion on Fox News: “The real problem to me is that Fox News has become state TV. It’s — they were always, of course, Republican. It’s different now, as all things with Trump, it’s worse. And this is a very bad axis of evil.”

Check out the video below:

‘If Trump Tears Up The Deal’, Iran’s Muslim Leader Just Made Disturbing Threat To America

Former President Barack Obama, whose father was from the Muslim majority country Kenya and who grew up himself in the Muslim majority country Indonesia, spent his time in office apologizing to foreign countries for Republican President George W. Bush’s actions and appeasing countries in the Middle East.

One of Obama’s most indefensible act as president was signing a nuclear arms deal with Iran, a Muslim theocracy run by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. President Donald Trump has been strong enough to stand up to Iran, which has been a geopolitical foe of the United States for nearly forty years, and pledge to reject Obama’s cowardly agreement.

In response, Ayatollah Khamenei has threatened President Trump what he will do if Trump ends Obama’s nuclear deal with the terrorist country as promised. Said Khamenei on Iranian State TV, sounding like the lowest end of the cjeap-shot liberal media, “I will not spend time to respond to the nonsensical comments by the foul-mouthed president.” He then called Trump’s administration “mentally retarded.”

He continued, in his speech to Iranian students, “Trump’s stupidity should not distract us from America’s deceitfulness … If the U.S. tears up the deal, we will shred it.” He added, “We managed to stop the dominance of the U.S. Furthermore, despite animosity of the U.S., we became powerful, and progressed.”

Anti-Semite Khamenei claimed that the United States was an “international Zionist agent” because it supports Israel, and then vowed, “Everyone should know that once again America will receive a slap in its mouth and will be defeated by Iranians.” Are you glad Trump is standing up to this terrorist leader?

(Video) Trey Gowdy Blasts Robert Mueller’s Investigation: He Is In “Violation Of The Law”

In an interview with Fox News, Trey Gowdy exposed how Robert Mueller has broken the law in his investigation against President Trump. “The only conversation I’ve had with Robert Mueller, it was stressing to him, the importance of cutting out the leaks with respect to serious investigations,” explained Gowdy.

“So, it is kind of ironic that the people charged with investigating the law and executing the law would violate the law. And make no mistake, disclosing grand jury material is a violation of the law. So, as a former prosecutor, I’m disappointed that you and I are having the conversation, but that somebody violated their oath of secrecy,” said Gowdy.

He also commented on the DNC’s $12 million funding of Fusion GPS. “Well, I’m not an election law expert, Chris, but the good news is you don’t have to be to understand the absurdity of believing that you can launder all of your campaign money by just hiring a law firm,” said Gowdy.

“I mean, imagine if you and I were running for Congress and we just hired a law firm and said, hey, you go to all the oppo, you go buy all the television, you go buy all the bumper stickers, you go hire all the experts, and we’re going to launder all of this through a law firm. I can’t think of anything that defeats the purpose of transparency laws more than that,” said Gowdy.

Check out the video below:

Michael Moore Has Total Meltdown After President Trump Calls His Play A “Total Bomb”

Michael Moore’s anti-Trump broadway show is a massive failure, and President Trump was quick to rub it in his face. “While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!” tweeted President Trump.

Michael Moore completely flipped out and had a meltdown over this tweet. “You must have my smash hit of a Broadway show confused with your presidency– which IS a total bomb and WILL indeed close early. NOT SAD” tweeted Moore in the first of a series of tweets.

“Today, 1 U.S. service member was killed & 6 injured in our never-ending war in Afghanistan. You, our President, are not even aware of this. You ARE aware I’m a “B’way star” & I guess this bothers you more. SAD. Prosecutor Mueller’s GrandJury has just approved the 1st criminal indictments of your administration. R u trying 2 distract us from this?” tweeted Moore.

“38 days after Maria, 3/4 of PR (our fellow Americans) have NO electricity. Yet u are more upset that so many ppl saw my B’way show. SAD. They say Twitter “distracts” you from your presidency. But Twitter IS YOUR PRESIDENCY! It’s all you know how to do. #LOSER!” he continued.

“And now, for this weekend, I’m your latest distraction from your crimes. Ha! Raucous & joyous crowds every nite on B’way- & u missed out! It was the highest grossing play (non-musical) of the summer, despite my offering $29 cheap seats + free student tix so ALL could afford,” tweeted Moore. Wow, President Trump really struck a nerve with him. It makes sense when your success is entirely devoted to attacking our President.

Black Lives Matter Just Found Its New ‘Leader’ And You’ll Crack Up Over Who It Is

The radical liberal hate group Black Lives Matter has, to nobody’s surprise, been functioning without any real leadership or direction other than a desire to deepen the racial divide that former President Barack Obama encouraged to grow.

However, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and its Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy decided to understand Black Lives Matter and perhaps help them find their footing by putting out a survey to African-Americans to find out who they wanted to be the leader of Black Lives Matter.

The results ended up being quite embarrassing for Black Lives Matter, if the group’s members have any self-awareness at all. According to the survey, the person that respondents want most to run Black Lives Matter is none other than former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who kickstarted the anthem kneeling movement.

27% of the survey’s respondents voted for Kaepernick, which is more than all three of Black Lives Matter’s founders Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors got combined. Commented Northwestern professor Alvin Tillery, who ran the study, “Kaepernick’s popularity is not surprising in light of the fact that President Trump’s criticism of the ‘Take A Knee’ protests that he started in the NFL has thrown him into the national spotlight in recent weeks.”

The survey’s pick of Kaepernick drew jeers from the internet. Responded one Twitter user about Kaepernick, “He’s the perfect person to lead these morons. Plus he’s got plenty of free time.” Added another, “Kaepernick hates law enforcement. Wears socks depicting cops as pigs. Will fit right in with .” Do you think troublemaker Colin would be perfect to lead this hate group?

“You Treat Her Book Like It’s Not Fiction,” Kellyanne Conway Crushes CNN’s Alisyn Camerota (Video)

Kellyanne Conway got into a huge heated debate with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. Kellyanne Conway finally lost her patience and crushed her for giving Hillary Clinton such a platform. They discussed how Hillary funded the Russian dossier. Camerota tried to turn it around to Trump’s supposed connection with Russia.

“I do want to say something else. People are now writing about our discussion, and earlier in your broadcast, two commentators mentioned, ‘Oh, we just like to talk about Hillary.’ You’re still talking about Hillary! I’ll make you a deal — I’ll never say a word [about Hillary] again,” said Kellyanne.

“She was the loser, so you have to keep talking about her. You treat her book like it is not fiction. She gets a platform on CNN plenty. And you have people from her campaign on your network for the last year to sit there and never admit they paid millions of dollars for this phony dossier,” said Kellyanne.

Camerota agreed to not mention Hillary Clinton for the rest of the interview. The media tried to take an absense from having Kellyanne Conway on. It’s great to see her back.

Are you sick of the media praising Hillary Clinton.

Check out Kellyanne Conway crush Camerota in the video below:


Whoopi Goldberg Shares Which Of The 10 Commandments She Thinks It’s Okay To Break (Video)

In a recent interview on ‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on the idea of ‘some commandments’ being ‘obsolete’. It makes you wonder who goes to Whoopi Goldberg for religious advice. She started by claiming that some of them are bound to not be relevant today because they were written ‘thousands, millions, hundreds of zillions of years ago.”

She talked about how she wants to get rid of ‘don’t worship idols’ and ‘don’t take the lords name in vain’, ‘worship no other god’ and ‘keep the sabbath day holy’. However after saying all of that garbage, something even more shocking happened.

Paula Faris, a Christian, explained how she was raised. But then suddenly one word she used was censored by the network.

“My parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say ‘Oh my God,’ we couldn’t say “JC,” we couldn’t say *****,” said Farris. That’s right. The network censored the word Jesus. It happened again. “Unless you were praising Him. And then you could say ‘*****,’” she said.

Why are the censoring the word ‘Jesus’. People were not happy. “Wow. This is really sad that they can’t even say, “Jesus” on this show anymore. Even in the “praise Jesus” comment, his name was cut. Shame,” wrote one user. “What is this world coming too? #TheView Can’t censor #Jesus #ABC” wrote another.

Check out the video below:

Obama Just Got Brutal News About His Cushy $200,000 Presidential Pension

Since leaving office January this year, former Democratic President Barack Obama has been keeping busy on what appears to be a permanent vacation. He has been parasailing with billionaire Virgin founder Richard Branson, taking in the sights in Ibiza, Spain with his shopping addict wife Michelle and, of course, going golfing.

Amid all this leisure, ex-President Obama has also been spending time at his new house in Washington, D.C. working with radical progressive groups training young people to be part of the so-called “Resistance” against President Trump. All this time, nauseatingly, Barack Obama has been collecting pension paychecks courstesy of American taxpayers.

Thankfully, that may change very soon. According to the Daily Caller, a new bill has been advancing through the Senate that would get American taxpayers off the hook for giving President Obama a pension that he clearly does not need.

The bill was introduced by Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa and, if passed, would cap pensions for former presidents at $200,000, with increases pegged directly to increases of cost of living.

Better yet, if the former president earns more than $400,000 a year, for every dollar they earn over that amount, a dollar will be taken away from that $200,000 pension. In Obama’s case, he is already well over the $400,000 mark due to book sales and speaking fees. Therefore, if Sen. Ernst’s bill is signed into law, there is a very good chance Barack Obama will get no money from American taxpayers for his pension, at all.

Are you glad in the future you may not have to pay for Obama’s retirement?